A New Leaf by Elaine Cantrell

A New Leaf

Publisher: Oak Tree Press
ISBN 1892343363
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“Your dad would have a fit if he knew that you were here with me. I’ve done time, and our families run in different circles.”

Most people who’ve met her envy her, for Betsy McLaughlin was born to a life of luxury and privilege. Her father is the richest man in Covington, and she’s engaged to the son of a wealthy, socially prominent family. Her future seems bright, but the foundations of Betsy’s world are shaken by the arrival of Kyle Alexander.

Five years ago Kyle was convicted of armed robbery and incarcerated at Tanglewood Prison. He’s free now, and he can’t keep his eyes off his boss’s beautiful daughter.

Can prison really change a man for the better? Betsy’s about to find out.

Grandfather's Legacy

Grandfather’s Legacy

Publisher: All Romance Books
(The publisher of this house has unfortunately passed away and the house has been shut down. Please email Elaine directly or use the Amazon link above.)
ISBN 1933548029
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Aleisha Kincaid has a terrible choice to make. Thanks to her miserable, controlling grandfather she must marry by Christmas Eve or lose the entire legacy which he bequeathed her, and the legacy isn’t a small one. She needs the money too. Without substantial capital her new business venture is doomed.

That’s where Bart Ridgeway comes in. Bart agrees to marry her for a share of the money, but the money isn’t his real motivation. He’s been in love with Aleisha for years, and he won’t miss this chance to make her fall in love with him.

Together they find happiness, but a terrible secret from Bart’s past emerges to threaten the life they’ve made together. Can any marriage survive such a shocking blow?

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