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Return Engagement

Romantic Times Magazine reviewed Return Engagement and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. In part they said, “This touching story is beautifully written and explores the emotions involved when two people who love each other are influenced by outside forces and their own doubts. Each character is fully developed and the plot is filled with interesting twists.”

Purple Heart

What Readers have said:

“What a delightful book! Ms. Cantrell has done an exceptional work in expressing how so many feel about these touchy subjects­both prejudice against people of Middle Eastern descent and unfit motherhood! This is a poignant story of a man’s life changing because of war and a woman’s life changing because of a lie!”4.5/5 Hearts by Brenda T. at The Romance Studio.

A New Leaf

What Readers have said:

“I’m no book reviewer. I’m not even a romance novel fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tale of ill-fated love.
The characters were believable and it was easy to care about the main characters. They seemed like people that you might know if you live aroundGreenville,SC. The plot has just enough twists and turns to make you angry, sympathetic and curious about how things will turn out.
If you want an easy, down to earth romance novel without the raunchiness then this is an excellent choice.”
– Daryl I.

“A New Leaf looks at life through the eyes of forgiveness and hope. All the characters are so real you want to reach out and hug them!” – Lizan P.

“It was a real page-turner! The expected doesn’t happen; it’s the unexpected, and you can’t guess what it is!” – Janice T.

“I could fall in love with Kyle myself.” – Shirley M.

“This is exactly the kind of book I like to read.” – Karen W.

“I don’t usually read Romances, but I read this one in one sitting.” – Vic F.

“Your book is awesome!” – Brenda M.

“It’s a quick, easy read that keeps your attention from start to finish.” – Jennifer G.

Grandfather’s Legacy

What Reviewers Have Said:

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“Read Grandfather’s Legacy if you want a story that will tug at your emotions while providing one great story, this book has it all.”Sheryl at EcataRomance Reviews.

“If you are looking for a story that will tug at the strings of your heart, this is the story to read.” - Paris at Coffee Time Romance.

“Grandfather’s Legacy is a brilliant tale that is not what it first seems….This was highly enjoyable, a pleasure to read and one that is easy to commend.” - Elizabeth at Fallen Angel Reviews

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